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As an established basement company in London, we are proud to specialize in all aspects of basement work, from extending and converting existing cellars to completely new basement excavations.

At Space Excavation, our basement construction and basement excavation work in London showcases a range of projects, from £150k to £750k range and many prices inbetween. We believe quality is realised and delivered through good design, organisation, efficiency and commitment right through to the end.

Our reputation as a basement company in London is founded on professional integrity as well as the quality of our basement construction, and the fact that our basement contractors will always make time to explain the detail to help you understand everything about your investment and your work.

We have carefully crafted our list of services based on the most popular, fully interior designed, fixed price basement conversion packages that our clients have requested over the years. Whether building a basement or doing poured concrete walls at your London site, our prices are up front, honest and guranteed.


Basement Design London

What our Basement Construction Design looks like?

When it comes to basement construction in London, we are a trusted and reliable basement company. When building a basement, we believe in offering all services, from design to basement excavation and building. This streamlined approach ensures that all our basement construction work in London is done on time and on budget.

Our basement contractors in London are equipped and accredited to provide all the services customers need when building a basement. From design to delivery, we work closely with clients to discuss all basement construction requirements.

As a basement company in London with a large portfolio of experience, building a basement that maximises space and adheres to planning permissions is what we do best. From start to finish, our basement builders in London keep customers in the loop, and make building a basement in London a stress free job.

Basement Planning London

Basement Construction Planning in our Basement Excavation Company

Building a basement in London takes a team, from architectural to design to building tradesmen, each of their areas of expertise is critical.

As a basement company in London, working only with basement contractors who are fully accredited, we are able to offer advice and guidance when it comes to planning and building a basement in your London property. Our industry planning expertise has allowed us to devise basement construction plans with multiple London boroughs.

When our customers decide that building a basement in London is what they should do, our basement contractors are swiftly despatched to their site to offer a detailed and thorough assessment and discussion regarding surveying, finalizing any basement construction that has been proposed.

Whatever the purpose for building a basement, we look a design, application, risk assessment and local authority applications, with basement contractors in London overseeing each stage. When it comes to building a basement in London, we are a basement company you can trust, from planning to delivery, with local council consent confirmed, we are basement specialists that you can rely on.


Space Excavation Basement Builder London – Basement Construction Options Include

At Space Excavation, we are proud to employ teams of basement contractors in London that are experts when it comes to structural work. From waterproofing to major basement construction projects in London homes of all sizes, each project is finished to industry leading standards, with customer satisfaction guaranteed. As well as meeting industry standards, when building a basement in London properties we set new, innovative ones, incorporating pioneering methods that make our basement constructions some of the best in the business. 

Each of our basement construction projects in London is bespoke to each clients’ needs, helping maximize space at every turn. When building a basement in London, more space can be created by extending b below gardens and driveway. Basement construction using traditional underpinning techniques is being supplemented by other engineering methods such as contiguous bored piles, reinforced concrete walls, slabs, and composite decking.

Under House (Retrofit):

In many cases, basement construction in London properties involves basement excavation beneath your home, with minimal disruption allowing you to live in the home above during the project. How much space is created or needed by building a basement in London is up to the customer, allowing you to utilize the entire property footprint, or merely develop some of the space as you need it.


Basement construction work in London is not restricted to single level basements, and our basement contractors across London have experience in creating multi-level basements, some including swimming pools, wine cellars or versatile storage space. This basement construction is used for London clients who want to maintain important living space regardless of the work.

Under Garden (Open Excavation)

For many people, building a basement in their London home does not include excavation directly beneath their home, which is where basement construction under a garden comes in. Others actually do basement construction in London homes where the extra space extends beyond the boundaries of their home via an open basement excavation beneath the garden area.

Space Excavation – Building a Basement in London

Space Excavation is a leading basement company in London, offering comprehensive and trusted basement construction across London. Building a basement in London properties is a highly specialised job, and that is where our experts do a lot of work to ensure things are done right.

When building a basement in London, there are many elements of the project, from piling, to installing pile retention systems (e.g. walls), designing and construction, and various other services (concrete works, installation of temporary and permanent propping, ground anchors, bulk and detailed excavation, insulation and waterproofing, etc) that basement contractors in London must do to ensure safety and structural strength.

As a basement company in London with lots of experience, we know that the time it takes is worth the results we deliver, and that building a basement in a London property gives you both flexible space as well as control over what we do for you. Our basement contractors in London work closely with clients to ensure their individual requirements are focused on and delivered.

Your Basement Construction London: In Good Hands

Space Excavation is a trusted, reliable and professional basement company in London. Our years of experience with basement construction in London properties also includes expertise in design. Our basement contractors in London work hard and guarantee both a solid design as well as rigorous structural strength and safety, including high end insulation.

As well as all this, our basement construction in London is always designed to look good, using high end tools and materials to create the look and feel you want, regardless of how big or small your basement construction in London may be. For us, building a basement in London is customer service coupled with top results.



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Basement Construction

Space Excavation Basement Builders & Basement Contractors in London

When it comes to basement construction in London, the selection of materials can make all the difference. Building a basement can be categorised into three main types of construction, which are block or masonry walls, precast panels, or poured concrete walls are used in London properties.

Poured Concrete

As building methods go, for basement construction in London the most common used is that of poured concrete. Starting with pouring the footing for the basement foundation, it is a basement construction method that is tried and tested. When set, building a basement then involves the use of forms which are designed to hold the poured concrete wall in place to dry, always critical, as building contractors in London will all tell you. One of the reasons a basement builder would use this is that it creates a stronger wall than some other methods.

Block or masonry walls

For the least expensive basement construction in London, block and masonry walls are recommended. Made from cinder blocks, this is a reliable method used by basement contractors across London, in many buildings. As this method of basement construction is more time-effective than some others, is is also cost effective. Steel rebar is used by used by some basement contractors in London to increase durability and add valuable reinforcement to masonry walls.

Precast panels

With many options for basement construction in London, precast panel wall construction is one that some basement contractors use. Molded at an off-site location, basement contractors then transport the walls to the building location to be placed on footers. When building a basement in London, it’s important to remember that each method or material has pros and cons, as building contractors in London will be happy to advise, as will professional tradesmen from your basement company in London.



When you work with our basement contractors in London, you will get a full-service, complex construction process that includes designing, excavating and proposing the best solution just to obtain a high quality final product, regardless of the project size or scale.

Our highly experienced and qualified team of basement contractors in London will do their best to meet customer expectations and deliver the results you want.

As a basement company in London, we are fully aware that a lack of space can be an issue, and room is at a premium, which is where our basement construction work can really make all the difference. Our basement contractors will work hard to deliver the results you want at a price you can afford, whether that is building a basement at your London townhouse or doing poured concrete walls.

When you work with us, a professional and trusted basement company in London, you can be assured that you are working with truly dedicated teams. Our basement contractors will work with you to design, create, and deliver a basement space that maximises your square footage and looks stunning when complete.

We use the best materials available and the most trusted building techniques in the industry, which is why our reputation as a basement company in London continues to grow.



Our popular shell and superstructure package enables developers, architects and clients to get their projects up and running whilst still finalizing the internal basement design and specialist finishes. This helps save time and money by getting the project up and running. Within these projects, Space Excavation undertakes the following works:

  • TEMPORARY WORKS: structural monitoring - groundwater control - party wall restraint - façade retention - underpinning - waterproofing - load transfer - scaffolding - drainage - shoring - timber
  • PERMANENT DESIGN: full basement shell design - structural steel and fabrication - permanent steel decking - reinforced concrete - masonry
  • CONSTRUCTION WORK: Digging with small excavator - concrete form works – slabs and walls - excavation and disposal of excavated material - site investigation & preparation - demolition - scaffolding - propping - jacking
  • BASEMENT SHELL & SUPERSTRUCTURE: Extensive Demolition - Strip out basement renovation - Superstructure and Internal Steel Works - External and Internal Brickwork and Masonry - First Fix Flooring - Roofing Construction and Finishes - Ground and Foul Water Drainage - Hard Landscaping - Window Joinery

Basement Construction & Basement Excavation Process in London


For all our basement construction work in London, our initial phase is about consultation, to discuss what you want out of your basement project. With no subcontracting or sales pitches, we deal directly with each customer, and when building a basement in London we always guarantee an on-site project manager to keep you informed of our what we are doing. Using two working days as our average timeline, our basement construction work in London starts with a price quote before we agree on everything else.


Each of our building construction projects in London involves working with architects, engineers, and designers, each of whom play an important role. Building a basement in London properties requires careful and clear design to ensure the results customers want. Whether you need advice, or even if you have your own architects and planning team, we are a basement construction company in London that will use your design to guide our work.

Health and Safety

As a trusted basement construction company in London, Space Excavation keeps health and safety front and centre for all our basement construction work. Working with accredited health and safety managers, our basement contractors in London never lose sight of safety.


Each of our basement construction jobs in London is overseen directy by our teams. Our years of invaluable industry experience ensure that our basement contractors in London provide high quality work at prices that our customers appreciate. Whenever we are building a basement in London, we take care of all construction work, as well as being mindful of the security and anything that impacts the neighbourhood during the basement construction work.


After the construction and waterproofing stage of basement construction work at your London property is complete, our basement contractors will use their expertise to transform your basement, guaranteeing that our final basement construction in London delivers the highest results with the best fit out finish.


When it comes to basement construction in London, some are simpler than others, which is where the most experienced basement specialist in London becomes critical.

Planning Skills

When a basement company in London is employed, they will immediately evaluate the needs of the project. Determining the vision of the customer, making it clear, is something basement contractors in London do to ensure the results match the expectations. With an experienced basement builder in London, you’ll get advice and suggestions that can help with your work, whether it’s a two-floor basement or extending under gardens. 

When building a basement in London, investigating structural and geological viability issues is an early step, and any reputable basement specialist in London will discuss and analyse those issues before architectural design is finalized. Along with land surveys and building regulation investigations, planning permission is also something basement construction in London needs. 

Technical Skills

Basement construction in London needs real expertise for everything from light, heat, ventilation and space issues, and how to achieve desired results. Some basement contractors in London will look to use ecologically sound and cost effective materials, especially as efficiency targets become intrinsic to building regulations. 

Whether it’s fire escapes or drainage, your basement specialists in London will look at all options, technologies and methods, as well as calculating load bearing issues. If your basement construction in London needs excavation, an assessment is done of the ground, sometimes consulting archeologists. When building a basement in London, material removal is also an issue, so neighbours and traffic conditions should also be discussed pre-project. 

All of this and not a brick has yet been laid

When looking for a basement company in London, their level of experience and project history is important. For successful projects, the basement company will make the project clear, and guarantee results, from start to finish. With all basement construction work in London, solid management is critical, and letting our basement contractors do the work while you relax is part of what we do.

Project Management

When building a basement in London, some people opt to do the project without an on-site, full time project manager to oversee things from conception to completion. At Space Excavation, we do not think this is the optimal or advisable way to work when building a basement in London, as we value coordination, timing, schedules and budgets at every stage of the work.

Space Excavation is a trusted basement company in London, with a truly outstanding team of basement contractors, all equipped to make a success of your project. Our basement construction is done to the highest industry standards and our basement builder team in London uses the best materials to provide the finest finishes, every time.

Space Excavation – A Leading Basement Construction Company In London

When it comes to basement construction in London, Space Excavation is the company to call and the team to trust. From your initial inquiry to final project details, we are a basement company that works closely with customers to ensure that the process is smooth. Our basement contractors in London are committed to great results, with attention to detail and build quality as their focus. 

As a trusted basement company in London, we ensure that all our basement contractors are members of the British Structural Waterproofing Association. All our basement construction work in London ensures that customers get finished basements that are watertight without exception. 

Why You Need Basement Construction?

When you consider a basement construction project in London, Space Excavation could help you get a great result that can add up to 20% to the value of your home. For many homeowners, building a basement in their London homes can create an all important home office space, or even a new bedroom, both of which deliver living advantages if you want to stay in the home, or an improved return when you decide to sell. 

Why Hire Basement Construction & Basement Excavation Specialists in London?

In terms of overall construction work, basement construction in London is a unique type of construction. Building a basement in London is the foundation of building work, the base of the structure. In most cases, the basement construction at a London property will be positioned in the ground, underneath the upper surface of the property.

As a trusted basement company in London, we know that residential basements are not as deep as commercial basements, though the basement excavation at these London sites are similar. Our basement contractors in London appreciate the importance of all basement construction work, as it offers stabilization for the entire structure.

We are one of the most trusted basement companies in London, and our basement builder teams across London always pay attention to basement piles during construction, especially if you’re constructing a larger or taller building on top, as basement piles offer virtually all of the support for the structure above.

When it comes to basement construction in London, poor quality piles can cause problems for the building in the near future, something our building contractors in London always keep in mind.

No basement construction company in London wants to be involved in work that ends up with injury or structural failure, which is why our basement contractors in London are always experienced and accredited, giving customers peace of mind as well as results.

Our basement construction teams in London are available to install basement piles for any type of building, and we are a fully licensed piling company, with all our basement construction work setting the highest industry standards. All safety regulations and practices are implemented in their basement projects. When it comes to selecting a basement company in London that you know you can trust, we are the team to call and the name to trust for all your basement construction work in London.