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Basement Construction London

A basement or cellar is one or more floors below the ground floor of a building. It is typically used as a storage room for a house where objects such as the generator, water heater, breaker panel and fuse box, car park or air conditioning unit are located; as well as facilities such as the electrical distribution system or control point for cable television.


Building a basement London into your brand new house and finishing a current basement is one of the best investments you can make. Basement construction London offer affordable rooms for a variety of purposes, from a family room to an office or extra bedroom. The most common building material is concrete. Due to its tolerance to humidity and many design options, it also becomes the preferred option for finished flooring in basements.


Type Of Basement Construction London

Masonry Wall Basement Construction London

The walls of the basement are made of masonry block units There are many joints where the masonry units attach to each other, thanks to basement builder London, to ensure that your basement is fully sealed and that the walls are waterproofed (not waterproofed) to prevent water flow. The walls are made from cinder blocks and can be designed to build a poured concrete wall in a fraction of the time. The strength of these walls is achieved by reinforcing using steel rebar.

Precast Panel Building a Basement London

Poured concrete boards were raised in place with a crane. Builders of many newer residential buildings will turn to precast poured concrete foundation walls London to save money and time on a construction site. These walls are installed elsewhere and then delivered to the building site when they are ready to be deployed. Reinforced concrete panel walls are surprisingly strong, but they are not as typical as concrete walls. Precast panels use a high-strength, low-water concrete mix, which in the long run makes them water-resistant. Nevertheless, when water damage happens, the connection between the walls and the floor usually appears.

Basement Construction London – Poured Concrete Wall 

The most common type of building is likely the poured concrete basement. This choice is desirable to people because it is durable and simple. As the name suggests, concrete poured basement construction starts with the poured floor foundation. Forms are used to keep the wall in place as they cool. It shows in the basement’s solid walls that do not normally cause other issues. If water leaks arise, they usually develop along the joints between the walls and the ground of poured concrete foundation walls London. Cracks can also form in the walls, which can allow small amounts of water to flow over time into the basement.

Clay or Stone Tile Walls: 

When you buy an old or traditional house, you will note that the floor of the basement has been constructed with stone and clay tile walls. In recent decades, such walls were quite common and were generally selected when other materials were not readily available. They may be very powerful, but they are also more simple as well.The greatest potential threat with the foundations of stone and clay tile is that groundwater can potentially stream through and into the basement. This is particularly true when it comes to stone walls with lots of holes and cracks. In order to address this problem, an internal perimeter drain system is usually required. That is where the basement specialist London is needed.

Pros and Cons of Basement Construction London

Basement Excavation London Pros

Start with the positive features of getting a basement. Practically speaking, more living space and storage are provided by a basement. It helps you to optimize your main living area’s square footage and provides extra space that is particularly welcome for large families. A little basement digging London would make your listing so much more desirable when it comes to marketing your property.would make your listing so much more desirable when it comes to marketing your property. Certain advantages involve purchasing and creating a larger home in the summer months on a smaller footprint, better flood rooms and other extreme weather conditions, and warmer environments.

Basement Excavation London Con

In the basements, there are also some drawbacks. First, they are more vulnerable to humidity and water damage which accumulates. In some cases, these may result in increased indoor humidity and production of mildew. If a cellar goes largely dry, you must compensate for missed square footage. This is particularly true for people with mobility-related conditions who can not get up and down stairs safely.

Why Should You Choose Space Excavation - Professional Basement Contractors London

We are the experienced basement company London homeowners depend on for all of their cellar work needs, including excavating new basements and completing basement renovations.

At Space Excavation, our basement construction London work showcases a range of projects, from £150k to £750k range and many prices inbetween. We believe quality is realised and delivered through good design, organisation, efficiency and commitment right through to the end.

Our reputation as a basement company London is founded on professional integrity as well as the quality of our basement construction, and the fact that our basement builder London will always make time to explain the detail to help you understand everything about your investment and your work. We have carefully crafted our list of services based on the most popular, fully interior designed, fixed price basement conversion packages that our clients have requested over the years. Whether building a cellar or doing poured concrete walls London at your site, our prices are up front, honest and guranteed.

Space Excavation Basement Construction London

We are excited to employ teams of expert basement contractors London who have been working together for years. From waterproofing to major basement construction projects in our customers’ homes, each project is finished with care and attention to detail, for the best possible results. As well as meeting industry standards, when building a cellar in our clients properties we set new, innovative ones, incorporating pioneering methods that make our basement constructions some of the best in the business.

Each of our basement construction London projects is bespoke to each clients’ needs, helping maximize space at every turn. When building a basement London, more space can be created by extending below gardens and driveway. Cellar construction using traditional underpinning techniques is being supplemented by other engineering methods such as contiguous bored piles, reinforced concrete walls, slabs, and composite decking.

Under House (Retrofit):

In many cases, basement construction London on our clients properties involves basement excavation beneath their home, with minimal disruption allowing you to live in the home above during the project end. How much space is created or needed by building a basement London is up to the customer, allowing you to utilize the entire property footprint, or merely develop some of the space as you need it.


Basement construction work is not restricted to single level basements, and our construction contractors across London have experience in creating multi-level basements, some including swimming pools, wine cellars or versatile storage space. This basement construction London is used for our clients who want to maintain important living space regardless of the work.

Under Garden (Open Excavation)

For many people, building a basement London in their home does not include excavation directly beneath their home, which is where basement construction under a garden comes in. Others actually do basement construction in homes where the extra space extends beyond the boundaries of their home via an open basement excavation London beneath the garden area.

Basement Construction & Basement Excavation London Process

Consultation With Basement Specialist London

For all our basement construction London work, our initial phase is about consultation, to discuss what you want out of your cellar project. With no subcontracting or sales pitches, we deal directly with each customer, and when building a basement London we always guarantee an on-site project manager to keep you informed of our what we are doing. Using two working days as our average timeline, our basement construction work starts with a price quote before we agree on everything else.

Design And Building A Basement London

Each of our building construction projects, especially new build basement construction London, involves working with architects, engineers, and designers, and of course basement builder London. Each of them plays an important role. Building a basement London on our clients properties requires careful and clear design to ensure the results customers want. Whether you need advice, or even if you have your own architects and planning team, we are a basement company London that will use your design to guide our work.

Health and Safety During Basement Construction London

As a trusted basement company London, Space Excavation keeps health and safety front and centre for all our cellar construction work. Working with accredited health and safety managers, our basement contractors London never lose sight of safety.

Basement Excavation London And Construction

Each of our excavation companies London jobs is overseen directly by our teams. Our years of invaluable industry experience ensure that our basement contractors in London provide high quality work at prices that our customers appreciate. Whenever we are building a basement London, we take care of all construction work, as well as being mindful of the security and anything that impacts the neighborhood during the basement construction work.

Perfect Fit-Out With Basement Contractors London

After the construction and waterproofing stage of basement construction London work at your property is complete, our contractors will use their expertise to transform your basement, guaranteeing that our final cellar construction delivers the highest results with the best fit out finish.



As London continues to grow in population and size, there is an ever increasing need for additional space. The rising prices in property make it difficult to move to larger properties. Many properties however, already contain an unused potential space, the basement. Most are neglected dark places, not properly water proofed and there are common problems of damp that can lead to major structural damage that need to be resolved.


Space Excavation is a trusted, basement construction London company, we have extensive experience of waterproofing and converting London basements into stylish spacious living spaces. We are the contractors to call if you are planning a new build basement construction London. Initially we will assess your basement for any waterproofing, structural needs or any existing problems. so there’s no nasty, unexpected, expensive surprises, as the work progresses.



Step 1
Basement Construction London - Excavation

When building a basement London project goes on, a lot of soil needs to be removed! Our groundwork team does this efficiently using large mechanical diggers.

Step 2
Building A Basement London - Underpinning and Piling

The foundations need to be supported, to make sure the upper part of the building is not compromised, with all the basement excavation work happening under the property.

Step 3
Basement Excavation London - Retaining Walls

Walls need to be built to hold back the displaced soil. The type of walls built depends upon the specific site.

Step 4
Basement Construction London - Excavation

All professional basement contractors London know that waterproofing is one of the most important steps of basement construction London projects. At Space Excavation, we ensure that this is done professionally and that your basement construction will stay dry.

Step 5
Building A Basement London - Flooring

Finally, a floor must be laid. Our basement contractors London based, usually use poured concrete, steel grids as base material, or block and beam construction.

What is the process of waterproofing a basement?

Waterproofing your basement involves making your basement impermeable to water. Water penetration often starts at the base of your property – the basement- and if untreated makes its way into the interior by seeping through the walls.

Waterproofing methods used by basement contractors London companies

During basement construction London jobs, waterproofing from the outside involves covering the exterior side of the walls with polymers or membranes. or alternatively, installing a trench drain. Some basement contractors will use a combination of both methods. The most reliable and effective method of waterproofing a basement is having exterior drainage.

The importance of basement waterproofing when building a basement London

Waterproofing your basement is an excellent way of protecting the foundation of your home from water leaks and subsequent water damages. It will prevent water from entering by seepage and flooding, it prevents any objects in the basement from becoming damaged by water, and it also defends against mould growth and insect infestations.