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June 20, 2022 by Admin2 0 Comments

Basement Home Theater Ideas – How To Turn Your Basement Into A Movie Theatre

Over the years, technological advances in home theatre equipment now enable homeowners to duplicate the cinema experience right in their own homes. Home theatres can recreate the visual and auditory quality of going to the cinema and bring it right into your home. When you add to this a level of luxury that is not found in the local cinema, then you have a cinematic experience that is better than visiting the cinema. All in the comfort of your home.

If you are thinking of installing a home theatre In your home, the basement is the ideal place to install it. Basements typically possess concrete walls and concrete floors, which will insulate the basement and reduce sound travelling to the rest of your home and adjacent neighbours’ homes. There are many basement home theatre Ideas that you can use.

Possible Issues To Resolve When Turning Your Basement Into A Movie Theatre

Before you go ahead and proceed to convert your basement into a home theatre, there are some things that must be taken into consideration.

1. The Size of Your Basement

This is the most important factor when it comes to successful basement home theatre conversions. All of the choices involved in turning your basement into a home theatre are dependent upon the size of the area that you have available to use. Decisions include the size of the screen, how much seating you can have and where it will be positioned and what level of volume is comfortable in the available space. However, don’t give up if your basement is of a smaller size, a home theatre can still be installed using a smaller screen and space-saving seats.

2. Dampness in the Basement

Basements are often by nature damp places, this is because of the many water pipes running through the floor and the position of the basement underground means that it is susceptible to dampness and even flooding, during long periods of heavy rain. Before installing a new basement home theatre, the dampness and water penetration needs to be addressed. This is a straightforward problem to fix, sealing the water pipes and installing sump pumps and french drains will make sure that your home theatre doesn’t have any water problems.

3. Lighting in the Basement

It is a rare occurrence for a basement to have good lighting, they are often dark with dim lighting if there is any lighting. Darkness is great when you have a movie playing, but more light is needed once the curtain comes down and you need to move around. The installation of a lighting system with a dimmer switch is the perfect solution. You can physically adjust the light intensity to suit your requirements. If your basement possesses windows, you can get blinds that can be used to cover the windows and block the light from coming from outside whilst the movie is playing.

Once you have dealt with the dampness and lighting, you can go ahead and begin taking steps to convert your basement into the home theatre of your dreams. Contact us to customize your basement to suit your needs.