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Information on Health and Safety rules

A safe work process should include: 

A safe work process lays out how to efficiently complete a piece of work or a plan in line with relevant legislation. Until construction work starts,  a safe work procedure should be enforced to ensure that the excavation takes place in the right place with the right plant and equipment on site and the right workers with relevant skills. Ensure that you engage with staff doing the construction work in the basement and their members and that you collaborate with other PCBUs, communicate, organize and consult with them to the extent possible.

  • Determining duties
  • Project review 
  • Performing a risk assessment 
  • Consulting a competent person on any temporary work arrangement 
  • Defining all risks or threats to health and safety
  • Outlining how to manage any defined risks.
  • Summary of how to incorporate, track or update processes 
  • Techniques for resolving incidents and monitoring 
  • Emergency procedures. 

Your Health & Safety Legal Duties

Your professional security, safety and welfare are protected by law, your employer has a duty to protect you, keep you updated about Health and Safety, and provide adequate information, advice, preparation and supervision to allow you to carry out the job in a safe way.


You also have legal duties too as follows.

  • Take reasonable control of your own Health and Safety and other persons who might be affected by your job, such as other workers or members of the public
  • Comply with directions and regulations such as wearing personal protective equipment
  • Consult with your boss on the standards for Health and Safety and education.
  • Use and document any flaws in your employer’s work equipment, such as vehicles, devices and personal protective equipment, correctly
  • Do not mess with or exploit any health, protection or welfare benefits given to you. Self-employed people also have their own Health and Safety responsibilities under the law to ensure that their job does not put others at risk.