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Space Excavation Piling Contractors London

Builders use the piling method to provide a strong base for the foundation of a structure such as a home. Piling contractors embed timber, concrete or steel into soil at various depths, which provides support for the structure.

The two main ways of installing piles are pushing where the pile displaces the soil rather than first scraping it, and tedious where you make a hole to poured into cement or grout. The biggest advantage of piling, which makes it perfect in everything from underpinning to bridge-building, is that piles can pass on to softer ground, shifting the load to more stable soil and bedrock. A pile foundation is a concept of civil engineering which is, at its most basic, a pile-supported substructure.


That form of foundation allows a surface or layers of soil to support some type of structure. The dirt was actually built up under the surface of the ground, and the further it goes, the more solid the foundation should be.

A pile foundation has two basic parts: the heap and the pile top. The cap of the pile is the foundation of the design. This is similar to a spread foot in that it can support a slab, a wall, or a pillar of a building. It’s special, however, because it places all the weight on a stack or a set of stacks. Factors such as the project’s size capability and scope the state of the soil directly below the surface, and the space required for rigging, all need to be weighed before the piling process begins.

Piling Companies London Explain

Used by piling contractors across London, piling is a method of creating foundations for structures, suitable for almost any type of ground. With many piling companies in London using this method, it is a preferred choice when it comes to sandy or unstable ground. Piling contractors create steel reinforced solid concrete columns, allowing piling companies across London to guarantee structurally sound results.

Piling companies in London will space piles based on engineer specifications, or in a line to form a barrier for structural support. Most often, a concrete beam is formed along the top of the piles, as is done by piling contractors all over London, called a ‘capping beam’, delivering additional structural integrity.

Piling companies in London follow the rule that piles are required at no more than 3 metre intervals, as well as being on most structural junctions.

Mini Piling London

As mini piling contractors in London demonstrate, direct piling includes drilling rigs that are suited to working within domestic properties, often with tight space and headroom. As one of the experienced piling companies in London, our limited piling rigs can enter standard doors and access smaller spaces.

Mini piling is an ideal solution for foundation problems where mini piling works include:

– Limited access locations for piling contractors  where soil excavation and removal would be difficult/expensive.
 – Built up areas where noise and vibration are to be considered for piling companies in London Limited headroom location buildings, where alterations to existing structures are necessary.
 – Areas where localised soil conditions are particularly poor