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Piling is a method that builders use widely to lay a deep foundation for structures such as homes. Through pushing and embedding piles of timber, concrete and steel into the ground’s deep soil, the piling contractors are able to provide strong support to the foundation-level building structure-a pre-requirement for any construction project.

The two main ways of installing piles are pushing where the pile displaces the soil rather than first scraping it, and tedious where you make a hole to poured into cement or grout. The biggest advantage of piling, which makes it perfect in everything from underpinning to bridge-building, is that piles can pass on to softer ground, shifting the load to more stable soil and bedrock. A pile foundation is a concept of civil engineering which is, at its most basic, a pile-supported substructure.

That form of foundation allows a surface or layers of soil to support some type of structure. The dirt was actually built up under the surface of the ground, and the further it goes, the more solid the foundation should be.

A pile foundation has two basic parts: the heap and the pile top. The cap of the pile is the foundation of the design. This is similar to a spread foot in that it can support a slab, a wall, or a pillar of a building. It’s special, however, because it places all the weight on a stack or a set of stacks. Factors such as the project’s size capability and scope the state of the soil directly below the surface, and the space required for rigging, all need to be weighed before the piling process begins.


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What should you know about Contiguous Piling London

Piling London

Used by piling contractors across London, piling is a method of creating foundations for structures, suitable for almost any type of ground. With many piling companies in London using this method, it is a preferred choice when it comes to sandy or unstable ground. Piling contractors create steel reinforced solid concrete columns, allowing piling companies across London to guarantee structurally sound results.

Piling companies in London will space piles based on engineer specifications, or in a line to form a barrier for structural support. Most often, a concrete beam is formed along the top of the piles, as is done by piling contractors all over London, called a ‘capping beam’, delivering additional structural integrity.

Piling companies in London follow the rule that piles are required at no more than 3 metre intervals, as well as being on most structural junctions.

Mini Piling London

As mini piling contractors in London demonstrate, direct piling includes drilling rigs that are suited to working within domestic properties, often with tight space and headroom. As one of the experienced piling companies in London, our limited piling rigs can enter standard doors and access smaller spaces.

Mini piling is an ideal solution for foundation problems where mini piling works include:

  • Limited access locations for piling contractors  where soil excavation and removal would be difficult/expensive.
  • Built up areas where noise and vibration are to be considered for piling companies in London
  • Limited headroom location buildings, where alterations to existing structures are necessary.
  • Areas where localised soil conditions are particularly poor.

You can visit our portfolio, to see what we have done in the past.



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Driven Pile, Cast-in-situ Pile

Pilling helps aggregate the soil around the pile sides and contributes to soil densification. Sometimes named the piles that cement the surrounding soil as      a compaction heap. The compaction of the soil capacity increases to bear. To cement the soil, the water must be drained. Therefore, stresses have to be faced only by pore air next to the stacks. This leads to higher pore water pressure and lower soil bearing capacity.

Driven Pile Foundations: it can be made of concrete, metal and wood. When placing these piles on the construction site, they were prefabricated. These are prefabricated while guided piles are made of concrete. Using a heap hammer, these piles are pushed. We displace the same amount of soil when these piles are pushed into the granular soils. 


  • Cast-in-situ Pile Foundations: it is a concrete pile. These piles are created by drilling holes in the soil to the correct depth and then filling the space with cement. Reinforcements are also used according to the specifications in the construction. Similar with drilled piers, such piles are of low size. This type of piles are either straight bored piles or cast at intervals of one or more bulbs. The piles of one or more lamps are considered piles that are under-reamed.
  • Cast-in-situ and Driven Piles: it  have both driven and cast-in-situ piles with advantages. The process for mounting a driven and cast-in-situ stack is as follows: using a mandrel installed into the base, a steel frame of stack diameter is driven into the ground. The mandrel is removed while moving the shell, and cement is pumped into the container. The shell is made of thin sheet steel (monotube piles) or corrugated or reinforced tubes (Armco welded pipes or standard seamless pipes). These types of batteries are called casing type batteries. The shell-less form is formed by scraping the shell while the cement is poured. The base of the shell is sealed with a conical tip that can be removed from the shell in both types of stacks.

Piling Your Project in London: Step by Step Process

1. Site Visit

Site visits by piling contractors in London help determine site conditions and access restrictions, as well as informing piling companies what type of piling rig can access the land for the project, as well as other  machinery and plant equipment such as diggers, air compressors, skips, and concrete lorries. For piling companies in London, turning up for a job and experiencing site access issues is frustrating, which is why this visit is so critical. Piling contractors in London also take into consideration Parking, works traffic, and being considerate to your neighbours

2. Foundation Design

As all good piling companies know, getting a foundation engineer to work closely with clients and their architects helps determine what a client wants to get from the project in terms of design and usage. For some contiguous piling work in London clients already have engineers on their team who can help with this, before we design and make calculations to confirm project plans, such as how man piles are required and the loads our piling contractors in London are dealing with.

3. Soil investigation

Piling companies across London undertake a thorough soil investigation to determine soil types and parameters their piling contractors will be working with in order to calculate an accurate pile design.

4. Pile Design

Our piling contractors in London use the information they have gathered from the above processes to use in the design phase. As one of the leading piling companies in London, we use it to design the necessary piling, determine the size of the piles required, design the concrete required to form the pile, design the reinforcement required within the pile. Finally, and, most importantly, as our piling contractors in London finalise and calculate the costs of your piling work in London.

Contiguous Piling London FAQ
What exactly do Piling Contractors & Piling Companies?

As one of the trusted piling companies in London, we like to share answers.

When it comes to piled foundations, they are a result of advanced research to overcome the problems associated with poor ground conditions. As our experienced piling contractors in London know,  traditionally piling had been used for large construction and engineering projects,

For contiguous piling in London, this method has not been widely used in domestic and smaller residential construction until the mid 1980′s, as piling companies in London move to more innovative and technologically advanced methods. 

When are piling used?

As our experienced piling contractors in London can attest, piling is usually used when:

  1. A site investigation has highlighted that the ground is unsuitable and unusable to a depth of more than 2 metres.
  2. There is a high water table.
  3. Removal costs for the excavation of traditional deep trench foundations are too expensive.
  4. Where there are soils such as clay that are likely to swell or shrink excessively depending on the amount of water content.
  5. Foundation trenches are not stable and health and safety therefore becomes an issue.

What is piling used for?

For piling companies in London such as us know, concrete piles are thin columns of reinforced concrete, spaced at regular intervals that are usually positioned at the intersections of walls, depending on the load that they are bearing. Our piling contractors in London always ensure that the load is always accurate to ensure structural integrity for all contiguous piling work in London buildings.

Our piling contractors in London work on the critical basis that each piling is designed to transmit the weight of the load deeper into the subsoil, past where the weaker or sub-sufficient material is, to where a denser material can be found, to prevent collapse or uplift.

When you work with piling companies in London, they will tell you that, once installed, these pilings are generally linked by either reinforced concrete ground beams, pile-caps or raft slabs.

We undertake all forms of restricted access and open site piling, and have a wide range of piling systems and solutions on offer, to deal with all manner of ground conditions, making us one of the most trusted piling companies in London, with piling contractors all over London ready to get building.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Contiguous Piling Contractors & Piling Companies in London

When it comes to construction in London, foundations are critical for the stability and strength of the structure. As the foundation is a crucial part of every structure, contiguous piling done by professional piling contractors in London] a proven approach for trusted results. As with many piling companies in London, our piling involves a deeper foundation that helps in transferring the load of the structure to deeper levels in the ground. For this reason, among others, hiring professional piling contractors for your London job is the best way to get the job done properly. Our piling contractors in London provide quality results on all our construction projects. So, call us today to secure a team from one of the best piling companies in London

Getting a clear impression of your site

Each of our piling contractors  working in London are guaranteed to  provide a clear review of ground and soil conditions on the construction site, delivering a clear idea of whether the soil type can be affected by moisture or about the instability of the existing foundation trenches. Using professional piling contractors for your London build improves awareness about the local ground conditions.

Appropriate selection of materials

Our piling contractors in London use high-quality materials, each based on the requirements of your project, with common materials used by our piling contractors in Londo including concrete, timber and metal. Contractors have experience in working with different types of construction projects. When you work with us, one of the trusted contiguous piling companies in London, you will always get the best recommendation on the material suitable for piling foundation.

No need to run around

Hiring professional piling companies for your London project will guarantee that you get professional piling contractors on your job. All our piling contractors in London will use custom-made posts and stakes for the deep foundation needed for piling at your construction site, and as one of the trusted piling companies in London, we are here to ease this process for you. There are many benefits of working with high end piling contractors in London, including the guarantee that posts and stakes for piling foundations are not manufactured in bulk quantities, appreciating that construction projects each have different requirements. As all good piling companies in London know, piles should be manufactured with the required specifications of shape, size and length.

Legal safeguards in place

Hiring reputable piling companies in London, with full accredited piling contractors on your London job guarantees full compliance with legal requirements. Safeguard yourself and your business from liability due to damages by hiring fully trained piling contractors for all contiguous piling work. Make sure the piling companies you use for your London project have insurance and license, to protect you and your business’ reputation alongside your investments.

Piling Contractors London

When you need to make construction plans to build a massive structure, getting professional contiguous piling contractors in London to ensure that you have the proper piling installed in the soil is critical. As our piling contractors in London know from their professional training, piling is a series of heavy posts or stakes, specifically designed to support the weight and height of your structure.

As you will find when you talk to piling companies in London, piling can be referred to as “deep foundation,”which describes the weight of an entire building that is transferred to an area below the ground’s surface. 

This is evidenced in skyscraper buildings, where the piling contractors at that London site will have ensured that the weight of that structure is not actually resting on the same surface that you’re standing on, with the posts installed deep into the ground allowing the weight to be supported.

Our professional piling contractors working across London advise that, legally and professionally, doing  piling installations without professionals is ill-advised. Without this, and without the help of one of the trusted piling companies in London, dangers abound and lives could be at risk from things such as collapsed structures.

Contiguous Piling London served by best Piling Contractors

Contiguous piling in London property walls is common for basement construction projects. As piling contractors in London know well, contiguous piling involves the installation of a run of piles with pre-calculated gaps dependent on soil structure and surrounding ground conditions. Piling companies working across London ensure that contiguous piled walls are constructed using CFA bored piling or rotary piling techniques, as per industry standards. This kind of contiguous piling in London properties ensures that deep excavations can be done, reducing the risk of collapse, enhancing safety. 

For all contiguous piling work in London, deep excavation is important to maximize the safety of basement constructions, and can also be part of designing basements able to accommodate vertical loads in addition to horizontal forces. When it comes to the advantages of contiguous piling in London properties, there are a few, but the one that many love is the minimization vibrations, meaning piling companies can work in parts of buildings without disrupting those attached.