Get the Best Services from Professional Basement Contractors in London

Sometimes, choosing the right basement contractor to renovate or construct your basement can be a challenge for homeowners. Also, it is crucial to beware that giving the job to incompetent people can be costly and dangerous. If you intend to hire professional personnel, contact Space Excavation for assistance. Why us? The following is a highlight of the reasons why you should choose us.

  • Highly-skilled and Professional Workforce

We have a highly skilled and competent workforce with vast experience. 

  • Professional Specialization

We are experts in basement construction, renovation, piling, and underpinning

  • License

All the contractors working for us have licenses, and, therefore they are authorised to operate in our locality

  • Insurance Cover

At Space Excavation, we ensure that you all cover with our All Risk Insurance. 

  • Detailed Contract

Before we work for you, we ensure that we enter into a binding contract so that we remain responsible throughout the time of our service. In the agreement, we highlight very vital aspects, such as a list of all the materials to be used with their specifications and prices. We also specify the start and end date.


Essential Basement Excavation London Services Offered by Space Excavation

Space Excavation Basement contractors  are skilled personnel who can help you a lot when it comes to the construction, underpinning, piling, and renovation of your cellar. You need to bear in mind that many excavation companies are offering such services and you may not know the best. Therefore, to pick the right personnel, first, you must do thorough research.

In case you need high-quality services for your cellar, please contact Space Excavation for help. The following is a description of our primary services.

  • Basement Construction

We can help you construct a secure basement using high-quality materials, such as concrete, steel, timber, and many more. It is crucial to bear in mind that the basement in your house can benefit you a lot. For instance, you can have offices, stores, and family rooms there. 

  • Underpinning

We provide all the underpinning services. Underpinning entails the strengthening of the base of your building, and it is done especially when you want to add more stories to it, or when you realise that the roots of a tree have weakened the foundation of your house. 

  • Piling

Piling is a technique used by contractors to lay a strong foundation for various structures, such as houses. At Space Excavation, we do piling by embedding concrete, steel, and timber into the ground to provide superb support to the foundation.

Final Thoughts

If you want to renovate, construct, underpin, or pile the basement of your house, it is vital to hire a highly-skilled and experienced professional to do the work. Note that most of these personnel work for excavation companies. Therefore, contact us now if you want to hire the best contractor who can construct or repair your basement.