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Underpinning London

Underpinning London is a way of strengthening and reinforcing the foundation of a building. It’s excellent for raising the thickness of the base if it’s been damaged. If you want to add more stories to your home, you can use this method. Tree roots could also damage the foundation and cause problems with your home’s structure.

The adjacent construction may have lower-than-existing foundations requiring lowering. If basements are built very close to an existing building, it may be necessary to change the foundation.

The reason is the existing house’s stability. Cracks may appear up to the base in a building and therefore need a remedy for the foundation.


Mass Concrete Underpinning London Method  

Also known as the Pit Process, underpinning Mass Also known as the Pit Process, underpinning Mass Concrete is the most common and the oldest of all methods or underpinning. This underpinning London process involves drilling holes along the building’s external wall at fixed times and depth below the current base. After a quick review of any potential problems, underpinning contractors London will fill the pits with concrete, leaving sufficient space for future dry packing.

When underpinning London house, dry packaging aids are used for balancing the building’s weight and restoring a collapsing frame. In buildings where the original foundation was built on deep ground, mass concrete underpinning is used. It is a more cost-effective method because, in excavations, less hardware is used.

Base and Beam Underpinning London

This method of aid is more of an addition or an improvement to the Mass Concrete process. This form of underpinning London involves the construction under the current base of a single concrete beam to provide power. Instead of pouring concrete into open pits as in Mass Cement, the underlying frame and beam use steel bars to support them.

The process involves digging holes along the outside wall and covering them with cement at fixed intervals, lowering metal frames into the pits. The effect is cement beams reinforcing existing structures and thus a better frame. This underpinning approach, often used for underpinning foundations where buildings require additional floors and require architectural use change. It is used in foundations both shallow and deep

Pile and Beam Underpinning London

For limited access systems that require deep foundations, this method is popular, with underpinning contractors London often favouring it for many reasons. The process begins by digging a hole under the earth and through the existing wall of the base.

Underpinning contractors London are using this method involves a hole that is designed to support a vertical concrete needle beam in the delivery of the load. Piles are then mounted with a steel frame for support on opposite sides of the gap or either side of the foundation wall.

With the needle beam going through the hole in the wall, the piles are then attached, firming up support. To fill gaps and add support to the beam, cement is applied. This process is used to move the existing load to a more secure and strengthened base from the initial framework. Others method of underpinning are:

Mini Piled Underpinning London

Underpinning contractors in London use this method, underpinning by cantilever needle beam method, and Pre-test method of underpinning.

Why Underpinning A House Is Such An Important Thing To Consider

When it comes to underpinning London, one of the main benefits is Increased ceiling height and enhanced lighting. Underpinning foundations helps to straighten the floors of your house, providing additional headroom in the basement for you and your family to enjoy, whether your underpinning basement London work was for a new office or an additional entertainment room.

Fixing the Mechanics of your House: Underpinning your house allows you to gain access to all its mechanical aspects, such as the plumbing, electrical wiring and insulation. That means an underpinning company London can examine them better and fix any problems that might have developed. Updated mechanics ensure a safe and secure home.

More Room, Better design: When you are underpinning a basement London you will get all the security you need, so you can go ahead and remove all the unnecessary walls in the basement, leading to additional space, which can be renovated as and when you wish.


Problems with the foundations can cause your house to move and become unstable. Underpinning London Companies will need to support the structure by underpinning. Signs that indicate your home needs underpinning  include:

Underpinning London – Windows and doors problems

If your windows or doors are not closing properly, or sticking, there may be a problem with the foundations. If only one window or door has a problem, it is probably due to another issue.

Underpinning London – Sloped floors

Uneven floors indicate that there is a structural problem.

Underpinning London – Ceilings or floors problems

Ceilings or floors that have separated from the walls, no matter how small the separation, this is a clear indication of foundation problems.

Underpinning London – Cracked floors

If your floors have cracks from wall to wall, this indicates foundation issues. If you have cracks only on a few tiles, this is probably caused by something else.

Underpinning London – Torn wallpaper

A cracked wall behind the wallpaper can cause it to tear and indicates structural damage.

Underpinning London – Wall rotation

 Walls will rotate if the soil outside the foundations gets oversaturated with water, this causes the outside foundation wall to sink soil, the inside of the wall is higher and consequently the house walls rotate.

Underpinning London – Moldings detached from the ceiling and floors

Any detachment from floor or ceilings indicates structural issues and movement of the foundations.

Underpinning London – Stair step cracks in brickwork

This is a clear indication of foundation problems.

Underpinning London – Chimneys and porches detaching from the house

this could be due to a foundation structural problem under the chimney, porch or the house.

Will Underpinning London Provide A Permanent Fix?

If you are having issues with subsidence or other structural foundation problems your underpinning contractors London based may have suggested underpinning as a solution. Screw pile underpinning is the most reliable underpinning method, but whether it will solve your problem depends upon the soil underneath your foundations. Not all underpinning London methods are suitable for foundation problems. Contact our expert underpinning company London based, Space Excavation. We will inspect your home and give you our expert, experienced advice, we will let you know if a particular method will yield a permanent fix or if something else is required.