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August 12, 2022 by Admin2 0 Comments

6 Great Reasons to Finish Your Basement in Summer

The approach of summer means sunshine, warm weather and longer days. Time to be spent BBQing in the garden and unwinding with a long cool drink. It is also the season when you can take advantage of the increased daylight hours and get things done around your home. A popular project that homeowners undertake over the summer months is finishing their basements. Home improvements are firm favourites when it comes to summer jobs and finishing the basement is a priority for many homeowners.

6 Great Reasons to Finish Your Basement in Summer

  1. Any construction work generates large amounts of mess, dust and loud noises. By having your basement finished during the summer,  you can spend the time outdoors, away from the construction, leaving professional basement contractors to get on with the work. Whether you go to the park, the beach or on holiday, spending the time away will help reduce the stress that comes with any home improvement construction project. 
  2. Finishing your basement during the summer means that it will be ready when autumn arrives with cooler temperatures and shorter days. Perfect timing for when you will want to spend more time indoors. Having a finished basement will provide you with more usable space and increase the functionality of your home. In addition to this, a finished summer basement can significantly add to the value of your property.
  3. Summer is the perfect time to get rid of all the broken, unused and unwanted things you have stored in your basement and the rest of the house. Decluttering is essential to make sure there is room for the basement contractors to carry out the job properly. Take advantage of the fine weather and do a car boot sale and use this time to take broken and unwanted things to the local tip or charity shop.
  4. During your summer basement finishing project, there are likely to be unpleasant fumes, from staining, painting and even carpet laying. Completing the project during the summer means that the windows can be opened to help remove the fumes quicker and bring fresh air into your home.
  5. If you have an HVAC system installed within your home, the ducts and the rest of the system will have to be checked when your basement is finished. Carrying out your basement finishing project during the summer means that this will be much easier to perform as the heating will be off making it much easier to check the system.
  6. Construction projects are often performed during the summer months, the days are longer and the weather is mild, allowing the construction workers to get more done during the day and providing comfortable working conditions. Basement finishing in the summer has a faster completion time compared to colder months. Six to eight weeks is the average time period for completion. This means that your basement will be ready and fully functional for you to use in autumn.